"Dragon Horse Spirit" exposes clips, Jackie Chan’s Guangzhou roadshow scene "remembers bitterness"

1905 movie network news The movie starring the screenwriter, director,,, and lead is being released, and the film’s box office has exceeded 33 million yuan. Some audiences said bluntly, "Jackie Chan, the most different in the past 60 years, has earned enough tears."

The film recently released a "reluctant to part" feature clip. In the clip, Lao Luo had to part with his beloved horse, Chi Rabbit, because of various obstacles. The picture of "one person and one horse" hugging and saying goodbye was heart-wrenching, and Jackie Chan’s tearful words "You must not forget me" were also particularly poignant.

The movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" revolves around the story of "one person, one horse". Jackie Chan plays the down-and-out Dragon Tiger martial artist Lao Luo, who braves the set with his beloved horse, Red Rabbit, laughing and crying along the way. As Jackie Chan’s most special partner, Red Rabbit not only has absolute action strength, but also has countless fans with its clever and cute personality. In addition, Red Rabbit’s emotional expression also caused the audience to cry, "I didn’t expect that I would cry because of a horse."

In the film, Lao Luo’s "rescue" at the birth of Red Rabbit, to the care and careful cultivation of Red Rabbit from childhood to adulthood, let the audience see the family bond between "one person and one horse" to protect each other. And Lao Luo’s hard work to protect Red Rabbit, and the bridge where he had to say goodbye to Red Rabbit in the end, made the audience cry. Some viewers said, "Every interaction between Lao Luo and Red Rabbit is so touching. Who can hold back crying when they see Red Rabbit chasing the car? Remember to bring more tissues."

In addition, the film’s creator, director Yang Zi, actor Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, also appeared at the Guangzhou roadshow recently and had a post-screening exchange with the audience. Many Hong Kong film fans came to the scene that day, and they all expressed that they were moved by the part of the movie that paid tribute to Jackie Chan’s classic movie. "I was moved by the spirit of the dragon and tiger martial artist. I was really moved by the previous beat-the-scene. I like Hong Kong action movies very much, so I am very grateful to you for passing on this spirit." Director Yang Zi also shared his feelings with everyone. "I am very nervous and excited to finally be able to bring this film to everyone. If everyone likes this movie, all the hard work will be worth it."

The release day coincided with Jackie Chan’s birthday. Not only did iron fans organize fans all over the world to record "True Hero" and give it to him, but also the audience specially customized a huge cake with a dragon pattern, and there were also students who sent 1,000 blessings. The enthusiastic blessings from the audience made Jackie Chan very moved. "Today is the most happy birthday I have ever heard".

Surprisingly, the brothers of the Chengjia class "ambushed" in the audience that day, giving the eldest brother a happy "surprise". Yuan Biao, a junior brother who was also a member of Qixiaofu, sincerely thanked the senior brother on the spot, so that the eldest brother could not help but "remember the hardships" and shared with everyone the days when everyone suffered together when they debuted.

Jackie Chan entered the industry at the age of 8 and has starred in hundreds of works so far. He is a well-known national idol. At the roadshow, many audience members came to watch with their parents. One audience member said excitedly, "My father likes Jackie Chan very much. Influenced by my father, I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies since I was a child." Brother Jackie Chan warmly concluded that "when I was a child, my father took you to watch plays, and now you take your father to watch plays."

In addition to this, there are also fans who came with their mother to the cinema with tears. "My mother and I have watched your movies for two generations of youth, and I can vividly remember your past movie scenes when watching movies. You are already 69 years old and still insist on making movies, which makes me feel very admired."

Being able to win the love of so many fans is inseparable from Jackie Chan’s brave "jumping down" on the set again and again. The lines in the movie "It’s easy to jump down, but difficult to walk down" have pierced the hearts of many fans.

At the scene, the eldest brother also shared his understanding of this line. "I used to feel that I could do it, but one day I wanted to do it and suddenly found that I couldn’t, and at that moment I suddenly felt that I was old. At the same time as accepting this fact, I thought I would change everyone’s opinion of me. So I started filming, a person who is greedy for life and fear of death, to an old master, and now an old dragon and tiger martial artist, I have been changing. So I am very happy to be able to film this drama and show it to everyone with my performances and actions."

On that day, many brothers in the family class secretly came to the roadshow to create a birthday surprise for the eldest brother, and also sent a pennant "Big Brother Forever", saying that "only if there is a big brother can we become a family class". When the eldest brother saw the brothers, he couldn’t hide his joy and introduced his brothers to the audience one by one, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Yuan Biao, who debuted at Qixiaofu together with his eldest brother, sincerely thanked his eldest brother, "I was brought to debut by my senior brother, and later he became a martial arts instructor. I said I will fight hard with you, he said yes, I will follow him, without me as the boss, you will not know me."

Seeing the brothers who shared weal and woe, the eldest brother couldn’t help but "reminisce", "Yuan Biao and I hit the railing on the second floor and fell down. There were no protection measures, all of them were real glass. No one cared about us, only he helped me up, and after taking a shower at night, my body was full of pain, and the glass was forked in." Many Hong Kong film fans expressed "heartache".

In addition to the friends who came to the scene, there were also many friends who could not attend who sent birthday wishes in the form of a video. The eldest brother was moved and said, "I am really happy, and I am surprised every time. I often wonder how I can let so many people pay for me. Thank you for supporting me for so many years."