Geely Xingyue with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters is L, and its size exceeds Tiguan L, but it is positioned as a compact SUV.

A few days ago, the brand-new SUV-Xingyue L completed its debut. I believe many people, like me, will regard this new car as a medium-sized SUV when they see its body size. After all, its length is nearly 4.8 meters, and its wheelbase is over 2.8 meters. The "block" is already bigger than Tiguan L. But the official defines it as a compact SUV. Why?

Low-key positioning, just for misplaced competition?

Let’s take a concrete look at the body size of Xingyue L. Its length, width and height are 4770/1895/1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. We choose two popular medium-sized joint venture SUVs to compare with them. As can be seen from the following table, the Star Yue L, which locates compact SUVs, is bigger than Tiguan L and Highlander.

In this regard, the official did not give a specific explanation. Personally, in today’s endless market segments, the so-called positioning of the model itself is very vague. Because of this, many car companies choose to compete in dislocation and compete with their opponents, such as Xingyue L.

As we all know, the price range of 100,000 to 150,000 is the main position of the independent compact SUV, and the price range of 150,000 to 200,000 belongs to the "site" of the joint venture compact SUV. If the autonomous SUV wants to cross the 150,000 hurdle, it can only choose dislocation competition. For example, UNI-K, which was listed before, used the identity of medium-sized SUV to compete with joint venture competitors.

Although the specific price of Xingyue L has not been announced yet, it can be boldly speculated that its starting price will not be low, at least above 150,000, maybe 160,000 or 170,000. If this is the case, then the price range of Xingyue L is almost "flush" with that of other models. From the price to the vehicle positioning, this is a real positive competition, which can reflect the confidence of the car. Of course, it is undeniable that from the product strength of the model itself, Xingyue L still has leapfrog advantages.

The highlight of Xingyue L: the engine pulls the eye.

So where is the leap of the star over L? In addition to body size including space, power is a bright spot. Its whole system is equipped with Drive-E series engines, and 2.0T provides high and low power output, which is divided into 218 horsepower and 238 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that the low power version matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, while the high power version matches the 8AT gearbox.

Combined with the estimated price, it is very likely that you can buy a version of 2.0T with 8AT for less than 180,000 yuan. You know, the joint venture models corresponding to this price are almost entry-level power, 2.0L self-priming or 1.4T small displacement engines. And Xingyue L is very competitive in terms of displacement and label (). In addition, Xingyue L will also be equipped with the sixth-generation Borgwarner four-wheel drive system, which is hard enough from the perspective of three major pieces.

In addition to the three major pieces, another highlight of the Star Yue L is the sense of design and materials, especially the interior parts. Different from previous models, the Star Yue L highlights the sense of technology on the one hand and adds a sense of luxury at the same time. This sense of luxury is more like a breakthrough. For example, in the interior, a lot of rose gold decoration has been added, which has been seen on the model before and is very textured; At the same time, with custom leather and brown plaques, the luxury atmosphere is in place.

It is worth mentioning that the steering wheel of Xingyue L adopts the design of two-color leather, which makes people shine again visually. When it comes to the sense of science and technology, Xingyue L has also made a breakthrough. In addition to the full LCD instrument screen, it also adopts the form of central control and co-driver’s joint screen, which is a bit of a new force. I believe that in terms of function, it can also give people a different experience.

Achuan pingche

In fact, it’s not the first time to take the misplaced positioning route. The previous Xingrui, with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, is still positioned in a compact car, and the reason is the same. For Xingyue L, the final pricing is very important, because it has to compete with the joint venture compact SUV, but also with competitors at the same level such as UNI-K and Mocha. Every step is the key point to decide the outcome.

Demystifying "The Vanishing Bullet": Ting Feng fights for his life and lingers with Yang Mi semi-naked

Duo poster

Little Skylark (Yang Mi) is injured to help Guo Zhui (Nicholas Tse)

Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse play with passion

Hot-blooded detective Guo Zhui (Nicholas Tse) pursues justice and is not afraid of power

    Movie Network News(Text/Zhang Wei) Produced by Er Dongsheng and directed by Luo Zhiliang, the film will be released on August 14. Liu Qingyun and Nicholas Tse are one-man and one-man, and the two are partners. There are many gun battles in the reasoning, and they work together to track down the "ghost bullet". Yang Mi, on the other hand, offered the largest drama since his debut, half-naked and Nicholas Tse in a passionate play, which can be called the biggest highlight of the film.

Aspect 1: Yang Mi is semi-naked and Nicholas Tse is filming a passionate scene

    In fact, Yang Mi doesn’t have many scenes in the film. He appears as a blind man telling fortunes, and then is chased and rescued by Nicholas Tse. The most interesting part is the large-scale passionate scene she shot with Nicholas Tse. Nicholas Tse rubbed medicine on Yang Mi in his pajamas, and then the two began to kiss and hug. Yang Mi entered the camera half-naked, and Nicholas Tse was also shirtless and very beautiful.

Aspect 2: Nicholas Tse plays the sharpshooter and fights for his life

    Who doesn’t know that Nicholas Tse worked hard to film the scene, but he didn’t get hurt as if he hadn’t filmed this scene before. The scene of the sea of fire was really thrilling. The ammunition warehouse of the arsenal was detonated, and the flames were everywhere. Nicholas Tse was covering for others to rush out of the fire at this time. Director Luo Zhiliang said that in this scene, Nicholas Tse did not use a double, and took the initiative to run past the explosion point without any protective equipment, and the staff were worried for him during filming. In addition to this most dangerous scene, he can often be seen playing the sharpshooter in the film, accurately hitting the enemy’s eyebrows from 50 meters away, and he is always the fastest person when the two draw guns at the same time. Such accurate marksmanship, coupled with Nicholas Tse’s cool expression and handsome gun-holding posture, cannot help but feel that his popularity in the past was inevitable.

Next page:Aspect 3: Liu Qingyun reappears as a detective

Geely China Xingxingrui 1.5TD model added to the market.

On June 18th, 2023, the conference of "The First Station of China Star Travel China Exploration Plan and the New Listing of Xingrui 1.5TD Model" was held in Guangzhou. At the press conference, Xingruijia newly launched two versions of 1.5TD models, namely, the soaring version and the Kunlun version. The official guide prices were 108,700 yuan and 114,700 yuan respectively, which further met the diversified needs of users with sincere price rights and rich leapfrog high-value experience.

The price is in place in one step, and the benefits should be full. In order to give thanks to the vast number of users, you can enjoy four super privileges by purchasing the Xingrui 1.5TD model before June 30, 2023: ① Super car purchase privilege-enjoy exclusive cyan with a value of 2,000 yuan for free; ② Super recharge courtesy-the first owner can enjoy free basic maintenance for 3 years or 60,000 kilometers; (3) Super financial courtesy-50,000 interest for 24 limited periods, with a discount of up to 5,000 yuan; ④ Super value-added courtesy-the repurchase subsidy is up to 6000 yuan.

Drawing on the lion dance culture and carrying 1.5TD, Xingrui adds new products for users.

Since its birth, China Xing Xing Rui has always adhered to the principle of "taking users’ needs as the center", constantly subverting and advancing itself, and continuously creating high-quality flagship family cars for users. This time, Xingrui Boom Edition is a sincere work that quickly responds to the diversified needs of users. With different styles, different motivations and different experiences, it brings users double surprises of leapfrog products and value-for-money prices.

Based on many users’ strong demand for diversified power, Xingrui Boom Edition is equipped with a new generation of Geely Jinqiang 1.5TD high-efficiency engine, with a maximum power of 133KW, a maximum torque of 290N·m and a comprehensive fuel consumption of only 6.2L per 100 kilometers, which perfectly balances users’ requirements for driving quality and high efficiency and economy. The power system is not only professionally adjusted according to urban road conditions, but also meets the daily needs of users. It also has CMA’s unique drive-by-wire chassis technology, four-wheel independent suspension, China-Europe joint professional chassis adjustment, ZF DP-EPS steering assist system, etc., which can bring users a high-quality driving experience that is both dynamic and economical, intelligent and comfortable.

At the same time, the contemporary young people are also a generation with great confidence in Chinese culture. In order to meet their emotional and spiritual needs for automobiles, Xingrui Boom Edition actively explores the co-creation and integration of "China traditional culture and modern automobile technology". From the naming of "Boom" to the brand-new design of "adopting green" exclusive car color and enjoying the cockpit with the wisdom of stars, it has been innovatively integrated with the traditional lion dance culture and color culture inspiration elements in China, and it has also been endowed with "profit, good luck and good luck".

While actively embracing users’ needs, Xingrui Boom Edition continues the high-value gene of "China Family Car Subverter", constantly bringing users a leapfrog experience with large space, high intelligence and high security. In addition to the large space brought by the leading 2800mm long wheelbase and 1869mm ultra-wide body at the same level, Xingrui Boom Edition is also equipped with rich intelligent technologies such as Galaxy OS system, 540 transparent chassis of God’s Eye, Bluetooth key +APP remote control system, and advanced safety configurations such as G-clean intelligent ecological health circle, AQS air quality management system, CN95 high-efficiency composite air conditioning filter element and advanced leather antibacterial steering wheel, creating a luxurious and comfortable space with full sense of science and technology.

In addition to the whirlwind version, in order to better meet users’ demand for richer configurations, Xingrui has also introduced a 1.5TD Kunlun version, which adopts different configuration combinations such as 12.3-inch LCD instrument, co-driver’s electric seat, and dual-lens LED headlights, as well as personalized sports kits such as 18-inch wheels, red calipers, sports tail, and four exhaust, with different styles and equipment, further enriching the product matrix and providing users with diversified choices.

The incarnation of the "lion" is booming, and Xingrui shines again on the hard-core strength of "fast, tough and stable"

This time, the first stop of "China Star Travel China Exploration Plan" went deep into Guangzhou, the hinterland of Lingnan culture. Xingrui inherited the essence of lion dance culture, not only newly launched a 1.5TD model, but also successfully challenged the "high-speed flying car" as a "lion" a few days ago, and interpreted the hard-core quality of Xingrui’s "fast, tough and stable" in an all-round way with a wonderful and visually shocking sensory feast.

Just like the traditional culture of lion dance in China, the test is the tacit cooperation between the lion head and the lion tail, as well as the deep foundation of the lion dancer’s flexibility, speed, stability and proficiency. Xingrui’s challenge of leaping over the conventional high platform is also a rigorous test of comprehensive mechanical qualities such as "vehicle horsepower, acceleration performance, driving and control stability, 1.5-ton vehicle weight and matching degree of power system". It is necessary to pass the three-stage test of "60-meter straight limit acceleration -28-meter slope rapid climbing -7-meter-high platform flying for 6 meters before landing".

Wandering between adventure and limit requires not only courage, but also the confidence given by CMA’s world-class leading architecture technology. As the high-end flagship sedan of China Star CMA in the era of Geely 4.0 architecture, Xingrui inherits the world’s top safety performance, leading electronic and electrical architecture, high-performance surging power and other excellent genes, and stimulates endless driving potential. In the course of the challenge, with the perfect cooperation of Drive-E 2.0TD engine and 7DCT wet dual clutch, the turbine can intervene when the engine is 1000rpm, and the peak torque can reach 300 N m at 1400rpm. The unique supercharging mode at the same level can also output an additional 30N·m, and accelerate the "starting" through a short 60-meter straight road, and quickly sprint uphill.

After climbing the hill, Xingrui Power accelerates with tenacity. The engine can output a long and wide peak torque of 300N·m in the range of 1400-4000rpm, and the whole climbing process is strong and does not decay. It accelerates to sprint the 28-meter-long slope, and the maximum climbing degree reaches 30%. After leaping in the air, based on the high torsional stiffness of 29 000 N m/deg and the cage-type body design, Xingrui can not only maintain a stable and elegant posture when picking green in the air, but also withstand the gravity and impact force when landing. The independent suspension of the front and rear four wheels keeps the body posture to the maximum extent, and with Italian ITT copper-free brake pads, it can achieve smooth braking within 34.66 meters and help to land stably. The whole process is flowing smoothly and in one go, and the smart body shows the essence of the lion dance, with beautiful posture and cleanliness, and successfully completes the impossible challenge!

China is full of stars and splendors! Deducing technical self-confidence with the momentum of "lion" and subverting product value with the power of "boosting and adopting youth", Xingrui quickly gained the trust and recognition of more than 300,000 users with its subversive strength, and through the co-creation and integration of "China traditional culture and modern automobile technology", it successfully broke the brand barrier and continuously led China automobile value upward. It is believed that in the future, Xingrui will continue to shoulder the mission of fighting for the value of China’s automobiles, draw strength from the excellent traditional Chinese culture, pay tribute to the accumulated great country culture with pioneering technology, lead China’s automobiles to make an upward breakthrough with courage, and let the world see the rising Chinese power!

The new M7 will be listed today: 258,000 yuan!

Huawei Wenjie M7 was officially released and delivered today. As a revised model, the car adds a five-seat version and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system, and provides multiple options such as M7 Plus four-wheel drive version, M7 Plus rear drive version and M7 Max intelligent driving version. Pre-sale has been completed, and the pre-sale price is 258,000 yuan.

In terms of exterior design, the new M7 maintains the original design style, and only adds a prominent lidar logo on the smart driving version. The body color offers five options: gilt black, deep space gray, loose frost green, azure blue and ice crystal silver, among which ice crystal silver and azure blue are the main color scheme. The body structure has been upgraded, using new high-strength steel and composite body materials.

The side of the body has not changed much, and the hidden door handle is still used, but a side-view camera has been added to the front fender, which is used in conjunction with Huawei’s ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system. The rear is shaped by a through taillight group, and chrome-plated trim is added to increase the visual layering. In addition, the vehicle also offers optional configurations such as electric pedals, luggage racks and electric suction doors.

In terms of interior, the new M7 continues the minimalist style, only fine-tuning the steering wheel color, in line with the interior theme. The 10.25-inch curved full LCD instrument panel and 15.6-inch central control screen replace most of the physical buttons, and the built-in HarmonyOS smart cockpit system. The interior is made of Nappa leather, and it is equipped with a double-spoke multi-function steering wheel in the same color as the interior, which is full of fashion. In addition, the vehicle is offered in three interior color schemes: Shaohua Apricot, Amber Brown and Polar Night Black.

Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system is equipped with 27 sensors, including overhead lidar, millimeter wave radar, high definition visual perception camera and ultrasonic radar, which can sense dynamic and static targets in all scenes and all weather, including special-shaped objects.

In terms of power, the new M7 adopts the HUAWEI DriveONE extended range electric drive platform, is equipped with a 1.5T extended range hybrid system, and provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. The four-wheel drive version accelerates 0-100km/h in only 4.8 seconds, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 1300km under CLTC conditions. The pure electric battery life is 240km, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 5.6L. The maximum power of the two-wheel drive version is 200kW, and the comprehensive maximum power of the four-wheel drive version is 330 horsepower.

Emperor Film 2023 Annual Film List Released, Jackie Lau and Other Stars Appeared

1905 movie network news Recently, Emperor Films held a tour at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition and announced the 2023 film list, and many blockbuster works were exposed. Dr. Yang Shoucheng, Chairperson of Emperor Group, attended the tour with more than 50 main creators, including,,,,,, and many other directors, as well as 、、、、、、、、、 and other actors, and many industry experts came to help out. The scene can be described as star-studded!

Climb to new heights and adhere to the mission of the type of commercial giant "industry pillar"

As one of the largest and most influential film companies in Hong Kong, the pure Hong Kong-style action crime commercial blockbusters have always been the strength of Emperor. So far, it has maintained the box office record of Hong Kong-produced films in the history of mainland films, and has also won the mainland box office championship of Hong Kong films in 2022. In 2023, Emperor films will continue to deepen in the action crime genre. Among the blockbuster projects to be released this time, action crime blockbusters are still the top priority. Their theme content is countless, and they have assembled a king-level luxury lineup.

Group photo of the main creators of "Goldfinger"

Director Zhuang Wenqiang’s new work, Tony Leung and Andy Lau co-starred again 20 years later, reproducing the commercial crime legend of the duel between the two heroes behind the tens of billions of dollars in Hong Kong’s golden age, which can be called the most anticipated Hong Kong film of the year! At the press conference, talking about the shooting experience, Leung Chaowei admitted that the role type is very fresh and rarely had the opportunity to try, which is a very fun process, and the fate of this character is also very interesting. Andy Lau said that he re-examined Wei Zai in this cooperation. This new role is a big breakthrough, and the "evil spirit" shown by Leung Chaowei is surprising.

Group photo of the main creator of "Customs Front"

Directed by Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, and Yasse Liu, Wu Zhenyu starred in the action masterpiece, focusing on rare customs themes and revealing eye-popping cross-border smuggling cases. Nicholas Tse also served as an action director for the first time in the film. Referring to the dual identity of both actor and action director, Nicholas Tse said that although it was his first attempt, with 20 years of experience and the help of director and producer, he thought it was a good experience. Jacky Cheung was even more generous in his praise, claiming that the real action in the film was done by Nicholas Tse.

Photo of the creator of "Inside"

Written and directed by Mai Zhaohui, and starring Wu Zhenyu, it focuses on the mysterious and mysterious dark clouds behind the huge money laundering conspiracy. The on-site producer shared the "inside story" of the "Mai Tian Combination". It turned out that he and director Mai Zhaohui were little-known "old partners" when they met for a while, and the two "Mai Tian Combination" came from this. Mai Zhaohui has been preparing for "Insider" for many years, and he said that he was lucky that both Guo Fucheng and Wu Zhenyu liked the script very much. Wu Zhenyu also said at the scene that he and Guo Fucheng worked together again after 22 years, and it was very sparkling.

Photo of the main creator of "Burst Point"

Produced by Lin Chaoxian and served as the chief director, producer, directed by Tang Weihan, Zhang Jiahui, Chen Weiting,,, starring in the police action blockbuster, focusing on the hard-core anti-drug struggle between police and bandits, telling the story of the anti-drug police who disregard safety and do their best to bring drug-producing and drug-trafficking fanatics to justice. This is also Lin Chaoxian’s first production. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the filming, Lin Chaoxian said that he really did his best behind the scenes. In the face of cooperating again after a decade, Zhang Jiahui joked that he missed Lin every day, while Chan Weiting felt that it was a dream for him to cooperate with seniors and idols like Lin and Zhang Jiahui.

Photo of the main creator of "Infinite Mission"

Lin Chaoxian and Liang Fengying are supervising the production. Lin Chaoxian’s new work, the hardcore action blockbuster "Infinite Mission", will be co-starred by Nicholas Tse and William Chan. This is the follow-up and subsequent cooperation between Lin Chaoxian and Nicholas Tse, and it is also the continuous second match between Lin Chaoxian and William Chan after "Burst Point". It is really exciting. The on-site producer Liang Fengying laughed and called Nicholas Tse and William Chan "heavy weapons" of the film. Faced with the movie budget problem, she said heroically: "The boss said that he wants to make a well-produced blockbuster, so unlimited tasks and unlimited budget!"

Photo of the creators of "New Police Story 2"

Produced by Jackie Chan, directed by Nicholas Tse, and starring Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, and Cai Zhuoyan, "New Police Story 2" is not only the original cast’s return to continue the classic IP after 19 years, but also Nicholas Tse’s first film production as a director. He frankly hopes to continue the story and the feelings of 20 years ago. Talking about the reasons for joining, Jackie Chan said that first of all, the four words "Police Story" represent his hard work and pride, but the most important thing is that Nicholas Tse is the director, which is a great attraction for him. Nicholas Tse, who has become increasingly mature in his understanding and control of action movies during the interpretation of "Anger · Serious Case" and as the action director of "Customs Front", will pay tribute to his mentor director who unfortunately passed away due to illness with a breakthrough attempt to challenge his new identity.

Photo of the creator of "Rage Spreads"

In addition, Guo Zijian’s director, Andy Lau, and Nicholas Tse’s re-combined performance of "Anger Spreading" after 12 years will also be launched. Andy Lau, as the producer and actor of this film, also admitted that this is a different cooperation with director Chen Musheng, hoping that "Anger Spreading" can take a new look. Nicholas Tse also said that he will do enough preparation work, not only to continue the spirit of director Chen Musheng, but also to cherish this rare opportunity to cooperate with Andy Lau again.

Directed by, starring in, and adapted from the short story "Immortal Disease", the film collides Gu Changwei’s humanistic care with Ge You’s comedic characteristics, leading the audience to start a unique and absurd Northeast past. Guan Hu’s new director’s new work, starring in, will bring the audience to see Guan Hu’s new style that is different from the past. And "The Nameless 2" and "The Nameless 2", as new works that continue the successful IP, are still directed by Director Rao Xiaozhi and Director Liu Haoliang respectively. The dark horse that had a good reputation at the box office in the past has a new start, and the expectations are full. The strong alliance between Emperor Films and the top mainland film creators is bound to add another shot in the arm for the gradually warming Chinese film market.

Support new forces and continue to be the "strongest driving force" behind potential young filmmakers

In the 2023 film list of Emperor Films, a number of new works with diverse content and rich genres of new generation of Chinese-language films have also been announced. Among them, the film directed by Wang Yinglu, starring Wang Yinglu, tells the crime suspense story of Meng Zhong, a night shift taxi driver, who has completely changed the trajectory of his fate because he carried a mysterious drunk man. Wu Jiawei directed the action movie starring Fang Zhongxin,,,, and focuses on the city guard stormtroopers who are fighting on the front line of the Hong Kong police. The fantasy comedy "A Long Day" directed by Rao Xiaozhi and directed by Oji Chuan, the love movie "The Rest of Your Life" directed by Tan Hua, the new plot "Moonlight" directed by Luo Yaohui, the thriller comedy "Yin Eyes" directed by Liang Guohui, and the upcoming action crime movie "Moon Raider" directed by Yuan Jianwei will continue to inject a refreshing trend into the Chinese film industry with a variety of different stories.

In 2023, we look forward to the high-quality works in the annual film list of Emperor Film, which will ignite the enthusiasm and confidence of more filmmakers and make the Chinese film market shine in 2023!

Best Andy Lau Returns, Annual High Film "Blind Detective" Exposes Ultimate Poster

The Ultimate Poster for Blind Detective
    The familiar Andy Lau is back! Starring Andy Lau and Cheng Xiuwen, the annual High film directed by Du Qifeng and Wei Jiahui has been confirmed for release on July 11. The film is the fourth collaboration between Du Qifeng, Lau and Cheng Xiuwen in a decade after 2004. Yesterday, the film launched the ultimate poster, and the two-person photo of Lau and Cheng Xiuwen has made the film highly anticipated. Lau admitted that being with Du Qifeng and Cheng Xiuwen is the "best Andy Lau". He said: "I think we are all lucky to have the three of us in the world."

"Blind Detective" mainland horizontal poster
"Handsome Blind" Detective Du "Possessed"
    In this new "Iron Triangle" film, Andy Lau’s "blind detective" is a very interesting role. According to the screenwriter Wei Jiahui, at a backstage of the Hong Kong Film Awards many years ago, Andy Lau talked to him about his interest in the story of "detective". "Later, when I was designing the character, I found that he had not played a blind man, and Andy’s original idea was to play a blind lawyer." However, considering the entertainment of the film itself and the richness of the story, the screenwriter said: "If it is only a lawyer, it may only appear in a few limited scenes in the courtroom, and the blind detective has a lot of stories to tell."
    In the character design of the "blind detective" corner, Galaxy Image specially projected many "shadows" of the director Du Qifeng, such as Du wiping his sweat with a handkerchief, stroking his belly with his hands and other "small movements" in life. Wei Jiahui also revealed that Du Qifeng in his life is still a very fond of food, and this time his "foodie" characteristics are also "grafted" into the character. In this regard, Andy Lau also responded: "Every time I act, if the character has a characteristic, I will ask someone around me to be a model, and I will choose our director for this play – Du Qifeng."
"Iron Triangle" returns to the screen after a decade
    It is understood that "Blind Detective" is the fourth collaboration between Du Qifeng, Andy Lau and Zheng Xiuwen in ten years after "Dragon and Phoenix Fight". Hua Zai teased Zheng Xiuwen: "She basically hasn’t changed, but she has become thinner." He also emotionally expressed the trust and tacit understanding of the three creators. "With the appearance of the three of us in the world, I think it is lucky for us, and it is difficult to find someone who believes in you."
    Regarding the new work, Johnnie To commented: "Andy Lau was in very good condition when he made this film. I haven’t worked with him for nearly 10 years, but this time it can be said that it is the best film I have worked with him in so many years." Regarding Andy Lau and Zheng Xiuwen, a classic couple on the big screen, the director also praised: "When they are acting, I sit next to them. I like to watch the two of them as if they are really a couple. As a director, I think it is good to shoot them directly."
    The special rapport between the three has given "The Blind Detective" more chemistry. At the previous overseas premiere in Cannes, some people commented that "Andy Lau with Johnnie To is the best Andy Lau." In response, Andy responded that the "chemistry" between them is different from other people’s cooperation, and the tacit understanding and nature seem to be "innate". After watching "The Blind Detective", the famous film critic Magasa said that "your favorite Johnnie To is back, this film is reminiscent of, and Liu Zheng’s romantic comedy series, very good."

China Star | Shenzhou 16 enhances the reliability of Beidou navigation signals

  CCTV News:The Shenzhou-16 manned spacecraft is the first manned spacecraft in the new stage of application and development of China’s space station, and it is also the 11th manned mission carried out by China. What are the new changes of Shenzhou-16? What are the differences between it and previous spacecraft?

  Shenzhou 16: Enhancing the Reliability of Beidou Navigation Signals

  The Shenzhou 16 manned spaceship had fully inherited the technical status of the Shenzhou 15 spaceship, and its main functions and technical indicators remained unchanged. The difference was that the Shenzhou 16 was a new batch of spaceships, which was of great significance for verifying the technical status of this batch of spaceships.

  Gao Xu, Chief Designer of the Manned Spaceship System of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group:Compared with the previous batch, we have done a lot of work on autonomous control. For example, we have enhanced the reliability of the Beidou navigation signal. We have done a lot of work on the localization of components to improve the level of autonomous control of the spacecraft itself.

  Mass production multi-line parallel, Shen 17 completes final assembly test

  Gao Xu introduced that the batch development of Shenzhou spacecraft is very stressful for the team. In the past, the development team only needed to develop one spacecraft at a time, but now the development team needs to complete the development, launch, flight control and return of several spacecraft in parallel, with multiple fronts highly overlapping.

  It is understood that at present, Shenzhou 17 has completed the final assembly test at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and has the ability to stand by for emergency rescue. Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 are undergoing the final assembly and testing of the whole ship before leaving the factory, and other spacecraft in this batch have entered the stage of single-machine development.

Andy Lau went to South Korea to promote the new film, and was confessed by Korean old woman fans

    The crew of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", which promotes the new film in South Korea, can be said to be in a non-stop hurry to announce that they just attended the cinema yesterday (March 24) afternoon to hold a grand meeting between fans and the media, and Andy Lau encountered the true confession of Korean nurse-level fans.


    Andy Lau was confessed by elderly fans.



    Andy Lau attended the promotional activities of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor".


    Wu Jianhao attended unexpectedly.


    NetEase Entertainment, March 25 (text/photo, Li Li, Fifth Iron Peak) The crew of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", which promotes the new film in South Korea, can be said to be in a non-stop hurry to announce that they just attended the cinema yesterday (March 24) afternoon and held a grand movie fan meeting with the media. In the evening, they participated in another dragon and lion dance performance arranged by the organizers, and Andy Lau was confronted with the true confession of Korean nurse fans.

    Korean theaters and distributors specially arranged dragon and lion dance performances with Chinese characteristics. On the one hand, they expressed their welcome to the cast members, and on the other hand, they hoped that the film could achieve a good box office in Korea. Many fans also came to see the idol’s style, especially an old mother who was over 50 years old. She expressed Andy Lau’s love on the spot. She said in Korean: "I have liked you for 20 years, and I can finally meet you in person."

    This sentence was uttered in Chinese by a Korean translator, which immediately caused the screams of fans, and Andy Lau himself seemed a little embarrassed. In addition to laughing embarrassedly, he also politely shook hands and hugged his mother to express his gratitude. In the subsequent handprint pressing session, due to the negligence of the organizers, the inverted material was made too thin, and several creators pressed their hands for a full 5 minutes without solidifying the handprint. Andy Lau had to joke that the enthusiasm of the fans was too high for the mud to solidify.

    Wu Jianhao, who has been absent from the promotional activities of the movie "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", did not participate in the grand press conference held yesterday afternoon, but suddenly appeared at the outdoor activities of the crew in the evening. Wu Jianhao, who was wearing sunglasses and bearded, made the unprepared media and fans think he was just a Korean performance guest at first, and it was not until he greeted everyone in Chinese that he was recognized as Wu Jianhao. (Source of this article: NetEase Entertainment Feature)

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"Dragon Horse Spirit" exposes clips, Jackie Chan’s Guangzhou roadshow scene "remembers bitterness"

1905 movie network news The movie starring the screenwriter, director,,, and lead is being released, and the film’s box office has exceeded 33 million yuan. Some audiences said bluntly, "Jackie Chan, the most different in the past 60 years, has earned enough tears."

The film recently released a "reluctant to part" feature clip. In the clip, Lao Luo had to part with his beloved horse, Chi Rabbit, because of various obstacles. The picture of "one person and one horse" hugging and saying goodbye was heart-wrenching, and Jackie Chan’s tearful words "You must not forget me" were also particularly poignant.

The movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" revolves around the story of "one person, one horse". Jackie Chan plays the down-and-out Dragon Tiger martial artist Lao Luo, who braves the set with his beloved horse, Red Rabbit, laughing and crying along the way. As Jackie Chan’s most special partner, Red Rabbit not only has absolute action strength, but also has countless fans with its clever and cute personality. In addition, Red Rabbit’s emotional expression also caused the audience to cry, "I didn’t expect that I would cry because of a horse."

In the film, Lao Luo’s "rescue" at the birth of Red Rabbit, to the care and careful cultivation of Red Rabbit from childhood to adulthood, let the audience see the family bond between "one person and one horse" to protect each other. And Lao Luo’s hard work to protect Red Rabbit, and the bridge where he had to say goodbye to Red Rabbit in the end, made the audience cry. Some viewers said, "Every interaction between Lao Luo and Red Rabbit is so touching. Who can hold back crying when they see Red Rabbit chasing the car? Remember to bring more tissues."

In addition, the film’s creator, director Yang Zi, actor Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, also appeared at the Guangzhou roadshow recently and had a post-screening exchange with the audience. Many Hong Kong film fans came to the scene that day, and they all expressed that they were moved by the part of the movie that paid tribute to Jackie Chan’s classic movie. "I was moved by the spirit of the dragon and tiger martial artist. I was really moved by the previous beat-the-scene. I like Hong Kong action movies very much, so I am very grateful to you for passing on this spirit." Director Yang Zi also shared his feelings with everyone. "I am very nervous and excited to finally be able to bring this film to everyone. If everyone likes this movie, all the hard work will be worth it."

The release day coincided with Jackie Chan’s birthday. Not only did iron fans organize fans all over the world to record "True Hero" and give it to him, but also the audience specially customized a huge cake with a dragon pattern, and there were also students who sent 1,000 blessings. The enthusiastic blessings from the audience made Jackie Chan very moved. "Today is the most happy birthday I have ever heard".

Surprisingly, the brothers of the Chengjia class "ambushed" in the audience that day, giving the eldest brother a happy "surprise". Yuan Biao, a junior brother who was also a member of Qixiaofu, sincerely thanked the senior brother on the spot, so that the eldest brother could not help but "remember the hardships" and shared with everyone the days when everyone suffered together when they debuted.

Jackie Chan entered the industry at the age of 8 and has starred in hundreds of works so far. He is a well-known national idol. At the roadshow, many audience members came to watch with their parents. One audience member said excitedly, "My father likes Jackie Chan very much. Influenced by my father, I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies since I was a child." Brother Jackie Chan warmly concluded that "when I was a child, my father took you to watch plays, and now you take your father to watch plays."

In addition to this, there are also fans who came with their mother to the cinema with tears. "My mother and I have watched your movies for two generations of youth, and I can vividly remember your past movie scenes when watching movies. You are already 69 years old and still insist on making movies, which makes me feel very admired."

Being able to win the love of so many fans is inseparable from Jackie Chan’s brave "jumping down" on the set again and again. The lines in the movie "It’s easy to jump down, but difficult to walk down" have pierced the hearts of many fans.

At the scene, the eldest brother also shared his understanding of this line. "I used to feel that I could do it, but one day I wanted to do it and suddenly found that I couldn’t, and at that moment I suddenly felt that I was old. At the same time as accepting this fact, I thought I would change everyone’s opinion of me. So I started filming, a person who is greedy for life and fear of death, to an old master, and now an old dragon and tiger martial artist, I have been changing. So I am very happy to be able to film this drama and show it to everyone with my performances and actions."

On that day, many brothers in the family class secretly came to the roadshow to create a birthday surprise for the eldest brother, and also sent a pennant "Big Brother Forever", saying that "only if there is a big brother can we become a family class". When the eldest brother saw the brothers, he couldn’t hide his joy and introduced his brothers to the audience one by one, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Yuan Biao, who debuted at Qixiaofu together with his eldest brother, sincerely thanked his eldest brother, "I was brought to debut by my senior brother, and later he became a martial arts instructor. I said I will fight hard with you, he said yes, I will follow him, without me as the boss, you will not know me."

Seeing the brothers who shared weal and woe, the eldest brother couldn’t help but "reminisce", "Yuan Biao and I hit the railing on the second floor and fell down. There were no protection measures, all of them were real glass. No one cared about us, only he helped me up, and after taking a shower at night, my body was full of pain, and the glass was forked in." Many Hong Kong film fans expressed "heartache".

In addition to the friends who came to the scene, there were also many friends who could not attend who sent birthday wishes in the form of a video. The eldest brother was moved and said, "I am really happy, and I am surprised every time. I often wonder how I can let so many people pay for me. Thank you for supporting me for so many years."

Revisiting Red Star: Watch "Break the Cocoon and Become a Butterfly" Unleash the Rise of Xingtai Manufacturing

The newly launched Red Star Automobile new energy city logistics vehicle. Photo by Su Linhao

Recently, the production workshop of Hebei Red Star Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was a busy scene: the robotic arm flew up and down, the AGV trolley shuttled back and forth, the data on the screen jumped, and the technical workers were busy working… A brand new energy city logistics vehicle drove out of the production line in an orderly manner.

Back in time, back in the 20th century, Red Star Motor carried the pride of the people of Xingtai: China’s first station wagon was produced here; the country’s first highly automated automobile production line was established; in 1976, it was honored as "Oriental Beauty" at the Paris Auto Expo; it was awarded honorary titles such as "Top 500 Domestic Enterprises" and "Top Ten Stars in Hebei". However, due to various factors, Red Star Motor once fell into silence.

In recent years, in order to realize the dream of revitalizing the automobile industry, the whole city has overcome various difficulties, seized the opportunities of the times, and promoted Red Star Automobile to regain its new life. Not long ago, Red Star Automobile’s first batch of new energy urban logistics vehicles BOX1 was mass-produced and delivered to customers. With the completion of the four major workshop technical transformation projects, Red Star has fully entered the state of automated production in the new era, becoming an important engine to promote the transformation and upgrading of Xingtai’s automobile industry.

■ Products have gone global and won the reputation of "Oriental Beauty"

"Red Star cars have been continuously driven from Xingtai to the national market, and have also become designated vehicles for state organs." Recalling the glory of the 1970s and 1980s, Zhang Hongge, the former chief engineer of Red Star Automobile, is still excited.

As one of the earliest state-owned automobile manufacturers after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Red Star Automobile was established in Beijing in 1960 and moved to Xingtai in 1970. The year of the relocation, the new factory began construction and was completed and put into operation, producing the first Red Star brand 620 station wagon.

Liu Minghai, chairperson of Red Star Automobile, introduced that at that time, Red Star Automobile also encountered some difficult technical problems. While studying relevant literature and analyzing advanced automobile samples at home and abroad, the staff proposed plans and conducted tests to overcome one difficulty after another.

Soon, Red Star Motor was favored by the market with its excellent products and quality, and the HX6400 station wagon became a leading product in the domestic industry. With its special chassis design, Red Star Motor was very popular in the market, and the "Red Star Technology" was promoted all over the country.

The appearance of Red Star Automobile has brought unprecedented pride to the people of Xingtai. Red Star Automobile became the designated car of the original CCTV "China Quality Miles" program team. During the national border visit, it drove 50,000 kilometers continuously without any failure, and won the China Consumers Association "Consumers Trust Domestic Car Gold Award"; represented China in the Paris Automobile Expo, and was praised as "Oriental Beauty" by the world’s auto authorities. The product has also been foreign aid to Tanzania, Zambia and other 23 countries.

■ All the way ups and downs, persevering to usher in new opportunities

Entering the late 1990s, Red Star Motor encountered development difficulties in the face of changes in the global automotive manufacturing landscape and other factors.

It has four complete manufacturing processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly, and has the qualification of "dual production" of fuel vehicles and new energy electric vehicles. How can Red Star Automobile be reborn and regain its former glory? Xingtai people have poured a lot of effort into this.

"We have been confused and confused, but our determination to save Red Star Automobile and expand and strengthen the new energy automobile industry has never wavered; we have been anxious and tired, but our belief in reviving the’two steam and one drag ‘and rejuvenating the’car dream’ of Xingtai people has never changed." Wang Yinming, secretary of the Xindu District Party Committee, said that in the face of the dual pressure of ensuring qualification and development, when the epidemic was serious last year, the district party committee and district government research team drove north to Changchun to seek cooperation and went south to Ningbo to negotiate docking.

With the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government and the efforts of cadres at all levels, Red Star Automobile has ushered in new hope: in April this year, Know New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. deepened cooperation with Xindu District, fully launched the research and development and production of Red Star new energy vehicles, and worked together to create a new variety of new energy urban logistics vehicles.

With a goal, there is a direction to work towards. Produce a prototype car, get an announcement, focus on technical improvement, and fast mass production… More than 200 days and nights, more than 1,000 staff, turned Red Star Automobile from an old factory with a strong historical imprint into a vibrant new enterprise.

In May this year, Red Star Automobile launched a technical transformation upgrade, which integrated domestic advanced automobile production equipment and stable and reliable manufacturing processes, realized digital control and management, and greatly improved the production accuracy and production efficiency of vehicle manufacturing. Red Star Automobile’s automation process level has reached the industry’s leading level.

Subsequently, Red Star Motors’ HX5030X pure electric van transporter and HX1030 pure electric truck chassis were approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the production of road motor vehicle products, meeting the conditions for mass marketing.

Competing for a new energy track to rejuvenate the dream of Xingtai people

The return of "Red Star" is no longer what it used to be.

On December 9th, the Xingtai New Energy Logistics Vehicle Industry Development Conference was held at the Red Star Automobile Factory. At the meeting, the first domestic all-positive R & D and design new energy urban logistics vehicle BOX1 developed by Red Star Automobile was rolled off the production line and delivered to customers on site, marking the full resumption of production of the "two cars and one drag" that carried the dream of Xingtai people to revive the automobile industry, and opened a new chapter in our city to build a new energy city and reshape a strong manufacturing city.

"This car is bold and avant-garde, with a Cyber Mecha style design, high shape recognition, and both quality and cost. It has the advantage of’Dora Run ‘and is specially developed for the urban logistics and transportation industry." Liu Minghai said that it is expected to achieve an annual output of 30,000 vehicles next year, with an output value of more than 3 billion yuan.

At present, Red Star Automobile is upgrading its automobile production, R & D and manufacturing bases, and is committed to building a full ecological chain of the new energy vehicle industry. The company has clarified the development strategy of domestic new energy logistics vehicle operation and international vehicle sales "flying on both wings", and plans to quickly open up the international market through export distribution.

The "Red Star" brand effect continues to be released, and Xingtai’s automobile industry has accelerated its recovery. At present, our city has formed a multi-point linkage characteristic automobile industry cluster, with the coordinated development of vehicles and parts, the near-ground supporting capacity has been significantly enhanced, and the agglomeration effect has gradually emerged.

"In accordance with the plan of the Seventh Plenary Session of the Tenth Municipal Party Committee, we will continue to do a good job of extending the chain and strengthening the chain, continue to promote the expansion and upgrading of the new energy automobile industry, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and be the vanguard, leader and leader in reshaping Xingtai’s manufacturing industry." Wang Yinming said.

Xingtai Daily reporter Ji Mingquan, correspondent Tan Xue Zhang Xin