Geely Xingyue with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters is L, and its size exceeds Tiguan L, but it is positioned as a compact SUV.

A few days ago, the brand-new SUV-Xingyue L completed its debut. I believe many people, like me, will regard this new car as a medium-sized SUV when they see its body size. After all, its length is nearly 4.8 meters, and its wheelbase is over 2.8 meters. The "block" is already bigger than Tiguan L. But the official defines it as a compact SUV. Why?

Low-key positioning, just for misplaced competition?

Let’s take a concrete look at the body size of Xingyue L. Its length, width and height are 4770/1895/1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. We choose two popular medium-sized joint venture SUVs to compare with them. As can be seen from the following table, the Star Yue L, which locates compact SUVs, is bigger than Tiguan L and Highlander.

In this regard, the official did not give a specific explanation. Personally, in today’s endless market segments, the so-called positioning of the model itself is very vague. Because of this, many car companies choose to compete in dislocation and compete with their opponents, such as Xingyue L.

As we all know, the price range of 100,000 to 150,000 is the main position of the independent compact SUV, and the price range of 150,000 to 200,000 belongs to the "site" of the joint venture compact SUV. If the autonomous SUV wants to cross the 150,000 hurdle, it can only choose dislocation competition. For example, UNI-K, which was listed before, used the identity of medium-sized SUV to compete with joint venture competitors.

Although the specific price of Xingyue L has not been announced yet, it can be boldly speculated that its starting price will not be low, at least above 150,000, maybe 160,000 or 170,000. If this is the case, then the price range of Xingyue L is almost "flush" with that of other models. From the price to the vehicle positioning, this is a real positive competition, which can reflect the confidence of the car. Of course, it is undeniable that from the product strength of the model itself, Xingyue L still has leapfrog advantages.

The highlight of Xingyue L: the engine pulls the eye.

So where is the leap of the star over L? In addition to body size including space, power is a bright spot. Its whole system is equipped with Drive-E series engines, and 2.0T provides high and low power output, which is divided into 218 horsepower and 238 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that the low power version matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, while the high power version matches the 8AT gearbox.

Combined with the estimated price, it is very likely that you can buy a version of 2.0T with 8AT for less than 180,000 yuan. You know, the joint venture models corresponding to this price are almost entry-level power, 2.0L self-priming or 1.4T small displacement engines. And Xingyue L is very competitive in terms of displacement and label (). In addition, Xingyue L will also be equipped with the sixth-generation Borgwarner four-wheel drive system, which is hard enough from the perspective of three major pieces.

In addition to the three major pieces, another highlight of the Star Yue L is the sense of design and materials, especially the interior parts. Different from previous models, the Star Yue L highlights the sense of technology on the one hand and adds a sense of luxury at the same time. This sense of luxury is more like a breakthrough. For example, in the interior, a lot of rose gold decoration has been added, which has been seen on the model before and is very textured; At the same time, with custom leather and brown plaques, the luxury atmosphere is in place.

It is worth mentioning that the steering wheel of Xingyue L adopts the design of two-color leather, which makes people shine again visually. When it comes to the sense of science and technology, Xingyue L has also made a breakthrough. In addition to the full LCD instrument screen, it also adopts the form of central control and co-driver’s joint screen, which is a bit of a new force. I believe that in terms of function, it can also give people a different experience.

Achuan pingche

In fact, it’s not the first time to take the misplaced positioning route. The previous Xingrui, with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, is still positioned in a compact car, and the reason is the same. For Xingyue L, the final pricing is very important, because it has to compete with the joint venture compact SUV, but also with competitors at the same level such as UNI-K and Mocha. Every step is the key point to decide the outcome.

Andy Lau went to South Korea to promote the new film, and was confessed by Korean old woman fans

    The crew of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", which promotes the new film in South Korea, can be said to be in a non-stop hurry to announce that they just attended the cinema yesterday (March 24) afternoon to hold a grand meeting between fans and the media, and Andy Lau encountered the true confession of Korean nurse-level fans.


    Andy Lau was confessed by elderly fans.



    Andy Lau attended the promotional activities of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor".


    Wu Jianhao attended unexpectedly.


    NetEase Entertainment, March 25 (text/photo, Li Li, Fifth Iron Peak) The crew of "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", which promotes the new film in South Korea, can be said to be in a non-stop hurry to announce that they just attended the cinema yesterday (March 24) afternoon and held a grand movie fan meeting with the media. In the evening, they participated in another dragon and lion dance performance arranged by the organizers, and Andy Lau was confronted with the true confession of Korean nurse fans.

    Korean theaters and distributors specially arranged dragon and lion dance performances with Chinese characteristics. On the one hand, they expressed their welcome to the cast members, and on the other hand, they hoped that the film could achieve a good box office in Korea. Many fans also came to see the idol’s style, especially an old mother who was over 50 years old. She expressed Andy Lau’s love on the spot. She said in Korean: "I have liked you for 20 years, and I can finally meet you in person."

    This sentence was uttered in Chinese by a Korean translator, which immediately caused the screams of fans, and Andy Lau himself seemed a little embarrassed. In addition to laughing embarrassedly, he also politely shook hands and hugged his mother to express his gratitude. In the subsequent handprint pressing session, due to the negligence of the organizers, the inverted material was made too thin, and several creators pressed their hands for a full 5 minutes without solidifying the handprint. Andy Lau had to joke that the enthusiasm of the fans was too high for the mud to solidify.

    Wu Jianhao, who has been absent from the promotional activities of the movie "Seeing the Dragon Remove Armor", did not participate in the grand press conference held yesterday afternoon, but suddenly appeared at the outdoor activities of the crew in the evening. Wu Jianhao, who was wearing sunglasses and bearded, made the unprepared media and fans think he was just a Korean performance guest at first, and it was not until he greeted everyone in Chinese that he was recognized as Wu Jianhao. (Source of this article: NetEase Entertainment Feature)

Editor in charge: Fan Jing

"Double Olympic City" played sound of spring.

  The early spring of the Year of the Tiger is destined to become a shining coordinate in the long river of history.

  Winter Olympics, Spring Festival and beginning of spring miraculously coincide. In the season of reunification and renewal of everything, visitors from all directions gathered in Beijing to write a colorful stroke in the history of the Olympic Games.

  On the evening of the 20th, at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, people folded their willows and sent their feelings to say goodbye. The story of snowflake continues, warming the world and illuminating the future.

  △ On the evening of 20th, the closing ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was held at the National Stadium.

  During the Winter Olympics, the world paid attention to China, and China lived up to the world. The "Olympic Cup" awarded by IOC President Bach to all the people of China is the best witness.

  This is an ice and snow agreement to share Olympic glory and dreams. Athletes from all over the world gathered under the five-ring flag, working hard and courageously striving for the first place, with opponents on the field and friends off the field, vividly interpreting "Faster, higher and stronger — — More United "Olympic spirit. In his speech at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, IOC President Bach said: "This is a truly unparalleled Winter Olympics, and we welcome China to become a country of ice and snow sports."

  This is an open stage to inspire the national spirit and show the elegance of a big country. As the first "Double Olympic City", Beijing has contributed a "simple, safe and wonderful" Winter Olympics to the world as promised. Standing at the historical intersection of "two hundred years", the Winter Olympics dream stirred up the Chinese dream, and the people of China embarked on a new journey to realize the great rejuvenation of the nation with the image of enthusiasm, sunshine, openness and self-confidence.

  This is a global gathering of civilizations and forge ahead in unity. Regardless of each other and respect each other, athletes compete in the same field, break through themselves, support each other and encourage each other in shaking hands and hugs, and climb the peak together. People have realized more deeply that the world belongs to one family, and human destiny is shared. Only by "being together" can there be a "future".

  "When the world was frozen by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Beijing Winter Olympics, like spring, arrived as scheduled." A foreign media wrote this. Sound of spring conveyed by this ice and snow festival will surely become a strong voice in the journey of human development and progress.


















  冰天雪地里的财富不止于此。几年来,从冰雪运动、冰雪旅游到冰雪装备、冰雪产业投融资,中国的冰雪经济全方位发展,初步形成了比较完善的产业体系。相关报告显示, 2020-2021雪季,全国冰雪旅游人数达到2.3亿人次,冰雪旅游收入3900亿元。








  On the evening of February 4th, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing National Stadium.

  As the first international large-scale event hosted by China after it announced the goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions" and "carbon neutrality", the Beijing Winter Olympics has put the concept of "green" into the whole process of preparation and hosting. From the energy, venues, transportation and many other details, the Beijing Winter Olympics is undoubtedly the "greenest" Olympics.

  For the first time in history, all venues in the Winter Olympics have achieved 100% "green electricity" supply; Four venues, such as National Speed Skating Gymnasium and Capital Gymnasium, adopt carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice-making system, which can improve energy efficiency by 30%-40% and recover all residual heat. Adopting the world’s most advanced efficient water-saving equipment and intelligent snow-making system has not affected the water safety and ecological environment in the competition area; Large-scale application of hydrogen fuel bus; The comprehensive application of biodegradable tableware in Winter Olympic venues & HELIP; … According to authoritative estimates, the carbon dioxide emission reduction of Beijing Winter Olympics is close to 1 million tons.

  China has demonstrated its determination to reduce carbon emissions to the world with actions, which is of exemplary significance for promoting global sustainable development. Some analysts pointed out that China took the opportunity of hosting the Winter Olympics to explore a new integrated path of large-scale transmission, grid connection and consumption of new energy, which is conducive to promoting the development of new energy industrialization and accumulating valuable experience for China and even the global energy low-carbon transformation.

  △ In the Capital Gymnasium, carbon dioxide rapid "ice-making" technology creates "the fastest ice surface" to help athletes play their best competitive level.




  Some analysts pointed out that Shougang ski jumping platform is not only an important legacy left by the Winter Olympics, but also a model for the Olympic Movement to promote urban development and reuse the world’s industrial heritage. It can be predicted that the "China Experience" used by venues after the Beijing Winter Olympics will also become a common wealth of the world when the venues and facilities that embody the concept of green and simplicity continue to glow.

  △ During the Beijing Winter Olympics, under the blue sky and white clouds, athletes are participating in the competition.

  "People don’t live up to the castle peak, and the castle peak will live up to people." The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has greatly promoted the pace of environmental governance and ecological improvement in China, and enabled China people to enjoy a cleaner and more beautiful ecological environment.

  In 2021, the average annual concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in Beijing was 33 micrograms per cubic meter, and the air quality reached the standard for the first time. The maximum storage capacity of Miyun Reservoir is 3.579 billion cubic meters, a record high. The forest coverage rate reached 44.6%… … The sky is bluer and the water is clearer. The Associated Press reported that during the Winter Olympics, the air in Beijing was fresh and the visibility was enough for athletes to see the mountains around the city clearly. Li Xifan, chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and member of the Beijing Winter Olympics Coordination Committee, believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics has set a new benchmark for the "green Olympics".




  In a robot restaurant in the main media center of Beijing Winter Olympics, the robot master is busy cooking dishes, and the food delivery robot delivers dishes to the guests along the track. Looking at the plate "falling from the sky", many foreign journalists lamented that it was like being in a science fiction movie. Not only that, the epidemic prevention robots, unmanned retail and digital RMB payment in Beijing Dongao Village have also attracted praise. International Olympic Committee President Bach believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics "accelerated the digital transformation of the Olympic Games". According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, digital technology has played its magic role in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and China is moving towards becoming a "manufacturing power".

  Innovation leads development, and technology empowers sports. The Beijing Winter Olympics has demonstrated the strength of scientific and technological innovation to the world and the charm of "innovating China". The article entitled "Beijing Hi-tech Olympics" on Spanish World Order website points out that China has grown into the headquarters of some world-leading technology companies. China’s science and technology industry will bring great changes to the world.

  "Simple, safe and wonderful" is China’s promise to the world.

  "(The closed loop of Beijing Winter Olympics) is one of the safest places in the whole planet, and all of us live very safely and comfortably in the closed loop." The affirmation of President Bach of the International Olympic Committee fully shows that China has fulfilled its commitment to the world.

  Safety is the premise of a wonderful event. In order to ensure the epidemic prevention of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China has made precise and meticulous efforts. The public areas such as "bubble" closed-loop system, the launch of Winter Olympics APP and the lobby of Winter Olympics Village are all equipped with the health and environment monitoring and improvement regulation system & HELIP; … Strict epidemic prevention measures make Dong ‘ao Village safe.

  According to statistics, the positive rate of nucleic acid detection in the closed loop of Beijing Winter Olympics is only 0.01%, and the epidemic prevention measures and results have won wide praise from the international community. Australian athlete Brett Cox said, "‘ Bubble ’ The quarantine area is our safe harbor. " Barbara Gartner, a medical expert of the German Olympic Committee, pointed out that the closed loop of the Beijing Winter Olympics is safer than anywhere else in the world. Alan Blunck, an American freestyle skier in the U-pool, said at the press conference that he had seen all kinds of irresponsible reports about the Beijing Winter Olympics in the United States. "Those are all false. Actually, everything is amazing. Everyone, from the staff to the nucleic acid detector, to the accommodation conditions, this is the high-level Winter Olympics we have participated in. "

  The safe hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics witnessed the epidemic prevention concept and effectiveness of the China government, which always put human life and health first, and also contributed wisdom and strength to the international community to overcome the epidemic. As Bach commented, "As long as everyone abides by the spirit of unity and makes contributions, even in the COVID-19 epidemic, a great event can be held." "The Beijing Winter Olympics will definitely leave a lot of Olympic legacy."









  This grand event has attracted the attention of the whole world. According to the news released by the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the Beijing Winter Olympics is by far the most watched Winter Olympics. The social media account of the International Olympic Committee was viewed by 2.7 billion people during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  As the right-holding broadcaster of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China Central Radio and Television General Station has set a record for its coverage. The total time spent by China audience watching the Beijing Winter Olympics on TV is more than 10% higher than the sum of the viewing of the two Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018 and Sochi in 2014.

  As of February 17th, the cross-media coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics on the main platform reached 48.474 billion times. This means that three days before the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the related communication of the reception desk has exceeded the total cross-media reach of the Tokyo Olympic Games of 47.905 billion times. This was evaluated as "unprecedented scale and success" by IOC President Bach.

  In the United States, more than 100 million spectators watched the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Washington Post said that the Beijing Winter Olympics may become one of the most watched video programs in American history. The audience rating of Beijing Winter Olympics has not only doubled in some winter Olympics powers in Europe and America, but also attracted the attention of countries that do not have the advantages of winter events. For example, about 40% of the population in Australia watched the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Against the background of COVID-19 epidemic, the ratings blowout of Beijing Winter Olympics shows that the passion, joy and friendship brought by ice and snow sports are shared by people all over the world, and the unity, cooperation and hope highlighted by Beijing Winter Olympics inject confidence and strength into all countries in the world. As the Argentine Ambassador to China Niu Wangdao said, China’s efforts are of great significance to promoting the Olympic spirit.

  △ After the game, China’s Ahner paid tribute to German veteran Pacey Stein, and Pacey Stein smiled and encouraged Ahner.

  This is a gathering to promote dialogue, eliminate differences and enhance friendship. Volunteers welcomed visitors from all directions with warm words, sincere smiles and open attitudes. The short film "Warm Snowflakes" at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics pays tribute to more than 19,000 volunteers and more than 200,000 city volunteers. Tessa Maud, an American snowboarder, lamented in the released video that the enthusiasm of volunteers moved her to tears and she missed it before she left.

  Pieces of "small snowflakes" with the names of participating countries and regions danced in the air and gathered into "big snowflakes" under the five rings; Countless red ribbons flew from all directions, decorating the snowflake torch platform into a huge red Chinese knot — — These cultural symbols at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics convey the concept of "One World, One World" and will become people’s common good memory and forward force.







  执笔丨王姗姗 盛玉红 任杰 王觉眠 刘冬 赵全敏 梁馨文

  视觉丨江雨航 刘欣颜

January 31 lottery announcement

Welfare lottery 3D di 2024031 qi

Lottery results: 0 6 0

Fucai 15 Xuan 5 No.2024031

Lottery results: 01 07 08 09 14

Fucai Dongfang 6+1 Di 2024014

Lottery results: 7 8 9 8 0 2 snake

Fucai Kuaile 8 Di 2024031

Lottery results: 03 06 09 10 12 17 20 22 25 27 28 41 43 48 60 64 65 76 77 80

Sports Lottery Arrangement 3 No.24031

Lottery results: 6 eight 2

Sports Lottery Arrangement 5 No.24031

Lottery results:six eight 2 four 0

Sports Lottery Super LottoNo.24014

Lottery results:04 05 16 21 31 + 09 11

Editor Xu Zhengwen


What is the game?

What’s the game? This is a question that has caused numerous discussions and controversies. For game lovers and game designers, it is very interesting and important to explore the nature of games. Games have undoubtedly become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether playing mini-games on mobile phones or enjoying masterpieces on computers or mainframes, games are affecting and changing our lifestyle.

For many people, games are a way of entertainment and relaxation. Games can bring us happiness and fun, and become a way to relieve stress. When we are immersed in the game world, we can temporarily put down all kinds of pressures and troubles in real life. Games can let us enter all kinds of virtual worlds, where we can experience adventures and experiences completely different from real life. Games can make us feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. By solving difficult problems or completing tasks, we can get an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. Games can also be a bond between friends. Through games, we can work as a team to overcome difficulties and enhance our friendship.

However, the essence of the game goes far beyond this. Games are also a way to learn and grow. Many educators and parents have realized the potential of games and incorporated them into education and training. Through games, we can learn a lot of knowledge and skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Games can make us face challenges and failures, and through constant trial and practice, we can finally succeed. Games can also cultivate our observation, reaction and strategic thinking. Therefore, games have gradually become an important educational tool and are widely used in schools and training institutions.

There is another important essence of games, and that is socialization. With the development and popularization of the Internet, the game has evolved from a stand-alone game to an online game. Through games, we can interact and compete with players from all over the world. Whether working as a team or fighting against competition, games can bring us opportunities to interact with others. We can become friends with strangers or keep in touch with old friends. The social essence of the game is not only online, but also extends to offline. Many games will hold offline activities and competitions, and players can get together in person, exchange ideas and experience the real game atmosphere.

Besides, games are also a form of art and entertainment. The game has attracted the attention of countless players with its unique storyline, design style and musical sound effects. Games can create beautiful pictures and scenes that people can immerse themselves in. The flexible play and mechanism of the game often bring endless surprises and fun. Game designers use a variety of skills and creativity to create a variety of games to meet the interests and needs of different players.

To sum up, the nature of the game is diverse. It is not only a way of entertainment and relaxation, but also a way of learning and growth, a platform for social interaction and communication, and also a form of art and entertainment. By giving us fun and challenges, games allow us to enter the virtual world and gain satisfaction and growth from it. Whether we are players or designers, exploring and understanding the nature of the game will bring us a more in-depth and comprehensive game experience. Game has become a unique and important cultural phenomenon, which not only changes our way of life, but also has a far-reaching impact on our way of thinking and social interaction.

Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship: Training Future Stars for Basketball in China

# Headline Creation Challenge #Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship is a part of "Elite Program of Chinese Basketball Association" initiated by Chinese Basketball Association in 2019. The goal of this project is to cultivate China basketball talents who have comprehensive cultural literacy and love basketball, and make positive contributions to the sports cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign teenagers.

The main goal of Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship is to train the next generation of basketball talents in China who have comprehensive cultural literacy and love basketball. By providing opportunities for studying abroad, this project hopes to expose students to a broader basketball culture and training methods and improve their basketball technical level and comprehensive quality. At the same time, Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship is also committed to promoting sports and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign teenagers and making positive contributions to the development of basketball in China.

According to the latest news, Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship has started the enrollment plan of Grade 2024. This means that school-age teenagers who are interested in becoming excellent basketball players have the opportunity to apply for this program and study in the United States. Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship provides students with comprehensive scholarship support, including tuition fees and living expenses. This grant will last until the students graduate from high school.

The launch of Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship is of great significance to the development of basketball in China. By providing excellent basketball talents with opportunities to study abroad, this project will help to cultivate more China basketball talents with international vision and high-level basketball skills. At the same time, the Cai Chongxin Basketball Scholarship has also built a bridge for the sports and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign teenagers, and promoted the exchanges and cooperation between China basketball and the world basketball.

5-0 to 0-1! The relegation team retaliated against Arsenal, Manchester City won the championship ahead of schedule, and the double blue battle against Chelsea lined up.

Arsenal, who led the Premier League standings for a long time this season, fell short in the final stage, and was overtaken by the Blue Moon Corps and lost the initiative to win the championship. In the last round, they lost to Brighton with three goals at home, which made the gunners only have the theoretical possibility of winning the championship. Arsenal, who had lost everything, went to the away game to challenge Nottingham Forest in the 37th round of the Premier League. In the first round of the confrontation between the two sides, Arsenal washed their opponents 5-0 at home and now returned to home. Nottingham Forest, which was still under relegation pressure, certainly hoped to be able to avenge itself, so as to grasp the initiative of relegation. After the game started, Arsenal firmly controlled the ball at their feet, but Nottingham Forest scored the only goal in the whole game by Avonii with a counterattack, and finally got revenge on Arsenal 1-0 at home!

Although Arteta knew that Arsenal’s chances of winning the championship were slim, he still sent his most commonly used 4-3-3 formation in this game, but he made some adjustments to the starting players. The goalkeeper still let Ramsdale start, with Thomas, Benwhite, Gabriel and Kiviol as the defenders, Odegard, jorginho and Zaka as the three midfielders, and the offensive trident was Jesus, Saka and Trossat.

After the start of the game, Arsenal kept the ball firmly under their feet, and conducted offensive and defensive drills in Nottingham Forest for a long time. The home team also accepted the reality and set up an iron bucket array, waiting for the opportunity to counterattack, giving the gunners a fatal blow.

In the 11th and 17th minutes, Jesus couldn’t knock Nottingham’s goal with his head kick in the penalty area, shouldering Arsenal’s home team, and finished the only shot in the first half in the 20th minute. Odegard made a return error in the midfield and was directly countered by Nottingham Forest. Avoniyi entered the penalty area after receiving a direct plug from his teammate. Facing attacking Ramsdale, he broke the deadlock on the field with a light volley.

Nottingham Forest, after the lead, reclaimed the space for the gunners to attack. This targeted defensive strategy also achieved obvious results. Before the end of the half-time, Arsenal, which was dominant in the scene, never created a threatening attack opportunity.

After the start of the second half, Nottingham Forest took the lead, and the free kick in the frontcourt went directly to the restricted area. After receiving a cross from a teammate, Felipe outflanked and shot in front of the door. Fortunately, Ramsdale focused enough and saved the opponent’s shot at close range, which did not make Arsenal’s situation more difficult.

In the 54th minute, Arsenal instigated the attack, and Jesus went forward into the penalty area without the ball, and was directly pulled down by the defender. The referee not only failed to give Arsenal a penalty, but also gave a yellow card to the complaining Jesus. Seven minutes later, Saka made a right shot into the penalty area, but was saved by navas.

Unwilling to lose, Arsenal also launched a crazy counterattack, but failed to score a goal to equalize the score, so they had to accept the result of losing in the away game. With the end of this game, the suspense of this season’s Premier League title competition officially ended, and Manchester City has locked in the league title in advance. In this round of double blue wars, Chelsea will also line up to welcome this season’s Premier League champion Manchester City! # Hundreds of teams #

Bayern’s 1-3RB Leipzig score: Leipzig has the highest score of 1, while Bayern has the lowest score.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time on the morning of May 21 ST, in the 33 rd round of the Bundesliga, Bayern lost 1-3 to RB Leipzig. "Pictorial" scores the players of the two teams (the lower the score, the better the performance).

Bayern starting: Sommer (3 points) Mazravi (5 points) pawar (5 points) Driget (4 points) Cancelo (4 points) kimmich (4 points) Grecka (5 points) Koman (5 points) Mucia La (4 points) Gnabry (3 points) Mueller (4 points).

Bayern substitute: Sane (4 points) Gravenberger (5 points)

RB Leipzig starting: Blashevich (2 points) hals Tengberg (3 points) Gvardiol (3 points) Alban (3 points) Simakan (5 points) haidara (3 points) Lemer (1 point) Olmer (3 points) Sobersloy (1 point) Nkunku (1 point) Andre Silva (5 points).

RB Leipzig substitute: Henrichs (3 points) Campr (3 points) Vosberg (3 points)


Running all the way, guarding the whole process, and successfully completing the security task of Qingdao Marathon in 2023.

April 22nd at 7:30.

2023 Qingdao Marathon

Start shooting at Hong Kong Middle Road.

Running together, the momentum is like a rainbow.

Overwhelming cheers and shouts.

Ring over the island city

At the moment, the island city shows us.

Real speed and passion

The cheers of the whole people resounded through the sky

I don’t know if you have noticed.

What about them waiting behind them?

A purplish blue.

Stand tall and energetic.

With a standardized, rigorous, meticulous and in-place working attitude.

Good mental outlook and duty image.

Go all out to escort the marathon!

Complete marathon security work for high standards and high quality.

The North Public Security Bureau carefully deployed and scientifically deployed the police.

Strictly and meticulously implement various security measures.

On the day of the game, more than 460 police officers were put into operation.

There are more than 1,150 security guards.

Shibei public security is here.

The whole race is 42.195 kilometers.

Responsible area in

With high quality and efficient service.

Effectively ensure the safe and orderly progress of the event.

Make careful preparations before the game

In order to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event.

"Marathon" Security of Shibei Public Security Bureau

Opened the curtain early.

The leaders of the sub-bureau went deep into the supervision and inspection of the security preparations for the marathon route, inspected the main intersections along the route on the spot, and got a detailed understanding of the police arrangement at the points along the route, requiring the auxiliary police on duty to closely cooperate with the staff, strengthen the linkage, and go all out to do a good job in the security of the marathon.

Build a safety wall for the competition

Spectators and athletes entered the stadium one after another.

They stick to their posts and stand ready for battle.

At various key points

Command and dispatch, patrol duty, and guide the masses

Escort the players

Build a safety wall for the competition

The whole process of guarding is not lax.

The players on the field made a wonderful "appearance"

They ran out of passion.

Ran out of the acceleration

Let’s cheer for them together

Husband, wife, escort

In the carnival of runners

With their silent protection.

They are both guardians of the stadium.

Another contestant in the competition

There is no shortage in the stadium.

The figure of the police fighting bravely for the first place

They compete with the players in the same competition, but also with the police on duty.

Together to protect the safety of the track

Guard all the way to the finish line

At the end of the field

Recording the moment of athletes.

It also carries the scene.

Guardianship and responsibility of all public security, civilian and auxiliary police

The publicity department of Shibei Public Security Bureau should do a good job in security photography of this marathon.

All the civilian auxiliary police on duty arrived at the security point at 6 o’clock in the morning.

By 11 o’clock, the audience and athletes were dismissed one after another.

Police officers of Shibei Public Security Bureau

Draw a successful conclusion to this event.

Photography | Hu Xiaoyang Zong Xiaoxiang

Editor | Liu Ling

Audit | Hu Xiaoyang

Tiger Writing AI: The Leader of the New Era of Writing?

Tiger Writing AI: The Leader of the New Era of Writing?

With the rapid development of science and technology, writing software has gradually become an indispensable tool for many people to write. Tiger Writing AI is a new type of writing software that appears recently. It is said that it can help users improve the efficiency and quality of writing and realize real intelligent writing.

Tiger AI is different from other writing software in that it uses artificial intelligence technology based on deep learning. Software can learn users’ writing habits and language styles through big data and machine learning. At the same time, it can automatically analyze the structure and grammar of articles, helping users to better organize text content and improve their writing level.

However, although tiger AI has such a broad development prospect, it also faces many challenges. First of all, many people worry that artificial intelligence will replace human work, causing writers to lose their creativity and inspiration. Secondly, using tiger to write AI, users need to spend more time learning how to operate it, which violates the writing principle that should be concise and clear.

But it is worth noting that in this information age, writing software has become one of the necessary tools for writers. As a new generation of writing software, Tiger Writing AI provides a more efficient and intelligent writing experience, which allows users to easily and quickly handle massive text content and pursue personalized expression in it.